Our own Andy Ouderkirk of Innovation Salon

Notably, Andy is recognized for for his achievements in optical science “and” his leadership in innovation processes

His commentary on the innovation process gives a whole new meaning to “employee engagement” and “talent management”

– 2013 R&D Magazine Innovator of the Year Award

– recognizes leadership, creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, and success in the pursuit of science and technology

– a rare mix of capabilities: advance research and technology development in a fundamental way “and” see how discoveries can be applied to improve daily life

– electronic materials division; advanced optical films used in consumer electronics

– light management properties that conserve energy; improve battery life in smart phones, computer displays, e-books, tablets, and other devices

– a physical chemist by training, Andrew Ouderkirk holds 170 patents

– a passion for the innovation process; evaluating innovative practices that lead to new discoveries:

— incremental discoveries are predictable within a lead market; breakthrough innovations impact adjacent markets

— specialists bring depth of knowledge in a discipline; specialist-generalists explore both depth in their research and knowledge across disciplines

– 3M’s culture of openness, networking, and freedom to cross disciplines / boundaries and take risks

– nurturing employee creativity and growth

– collaboration with colleagues and customers are pathways to impact and transform daily life with new ideas that come to life

Andy will present at Innovation Salon on 12/17/2013.